Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dear people/ person who reads this:

2 week hiatus. Vacation. See ya!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I watched Little Miss Sunshine today only to later find out that TODAY IS PAUL DANO'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Can you BELIEVE that??? Weird, right?

He's 23!!!! I seriously thought he was 18 or 19... I mean, he was a 21 year-old playing a 15 year old......... why do they always do that?


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Andy Warhol, woot woot!

Guess what?
Well, I'm going to Pittsburgh in a week or so to visit some friends, and I get to go to the Andy Warhol Museum!!!!!!!!!!!

Image Hosted by

I know how jealous you are.... know that it's okay to cry.
Har har har. But seriously, I am very, very excited, and will probably have a plethora of pictures to post some time next week. The gift shop is going to be so ridiculously AWESOME. I will probably go bankrupt buying pointless postcards with Campbells cans and Marilyn Monroe on them....

Randomocity: I've always desperately longed to live in New York City, or maybe Boston. I want to be able to walk to my friend's house, walk or take a bus to music shops, vintage stores, coffee shops. To go into a city Borders, which I really love. I don't know why, I just love when book stores are in the city. But anyway- today I was on back porch, and I was eating ice cream cake, and it was sunny and a bit breezy, and I was just grateful that I live in a rural area. Same with when I'm standing in a summer thunderstorm or hanging out in the cornfield behind my house (Ok, I just realized how incredibly Lovely Bones that was.... creepy. NO MORE cornfield-hanging-out for me.), or when I bike 15 minutes to my best guy friend's house and we bike around the really small village near us and go to the pharmacy to buy candy and gum. I don't know... it's just fun somethings.

But then I get REALLY bored and go back to my longing for the city. Hmph.

Yesterday, I made a list of 28 THINGS I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

28 is just a tip off the iceberg. I do not understand many, many things.
But first of all, why do I make so many lists? It's insane. I wish I could be more spontaneous. Note to self: BE MORE SPONTANEOUS. I should add that to my "To Do" list.... Ha. Just kidding!

28 Things I Do Not Understand

1) Why do people want their lips plumped? What's wrong with having thin lips? How are inflated balloon lips attractive?

2) How people find Matthew McConaughey attractive. Yeah, OK, he has a rock-hard six pack. Big woop. His face is so ugly, and his hair is so thin and stringy.... EW!

3) Why do older women HAVE to dye their hair when it starts turning gray? What's SO bad about aging? Everybody KNOWS it's being dyed, so why not just let it go undyed? I guess it's our youth-obsessed culture.

4) Why are some people SO stupid? They just have no common sense. Isn't there SOME shred of intelligence SOMEWHERE in that head???

5) If croutons are stale bread, WHY do they come is a stay-fresh pouch??? This has always bothered me.

6) Why is football called football? American football, I mean. You only use your foot while punting, which is a really small part of the game (I think, I only watch football when I have to sit in the stands for marching band, and then I just play with all my friend's instruments and make random tooting noises with them, pissing off my drum major....). So then when soccer came over to the good ol' US of A, it was stuck with "soccer" because football was already taken by a sport which really does NOT use foot. Except for running, but that doesn't count.

7) Screamo. I hate screamo. How is this considered music??? It's screechy and it hurts my ears. Screamo sucks. The whole "banshee sound" just does not do it for me. WOW, you can make a bunch of guttural noises to cover up the fact that you can't sing, you are SO COOL.

8) How do people actually deny global warming? The facts are ALL RIGHT there!!!! But this is a different post. Except a major ranting on this in the future.

9) Why are curse words SO censored? Lily Allen made a really good point: Why are curse words censored, yet things like the Pussycat Dolls aren't. LA's video "Smile" was allowed to air on some show because it had "fuck" in it. Yet the PCD videos are shown....... wtf? Is hearing "ass" or "shit" on TV honestly more offensive to a parent then watching women desecrate themselves by dressing like sluts and writhing on the ground? I really just don't understand...

10) Rude shirts. Like "If my music's too loud, you're too old." Why is that necessary? If everyone was just a little nicer to one another, the world would be a better place.

11) Why is Paris Hilton famous? What has she ever done to deserve that fame??? There are MUCH more talented people who deserve that recognition.

12) Why does the government spend so much money on the space program? Does it REALLY matter if there was once life on Mars? Honestly. Billions of dollars are spent every year. Couldn't that money go to cancer research, or something?

13) Why is Seventeen so brainless 90% of the time? Note: if you treat girls like mindless bimbos, THEY WILL ACT like mindless bimbos.

14) Abercrombie & Fitch. Remind me again what the appeal of looking like a robot is?

15) Leather pants. Just.... ew. Ewewew. Bleh. Vomit. ICK.

16) The argument against same-sex marriage. While I haven't thought too much about where I stand on it, the government really has no right to ban it, based on the basic principles of America. First of all, "All men are created equal." If you think about it, gays are really the only group in America who aren't allowed to do something because of who they are. Racism is condemned (as it should be), so why is discrimination against gays still legal, in this case not allowing them to marry? It's not right. How is discriminating against a person for the color of their skin any worse than discriminating against someone because of who they love? Gays do not choose to be gay any more than I chose the color of my skin.
Also, the separation of church and state. People don't agree with same-sex marriage mostly because of religious reasons, and that's fine, people are allowed to believe whatever they like. But according to the idea of separation of church and state, the government CAN'T make a religious based law, and banning same-sex marriage would be a religion-based law. Also some religious support gay marriage. So technically, not allowing gay marriage is discriminatory against these religions. No religious discrimination is one the, if not THE, founding principles or America.
So, it just doesn't seem to me like the government can ban gay marriage and still be in line with the Constitution.

17) Those machines that make shaved ice. Why is a specific machine needed for this? Can't people just grind some ice in the blender? That's what I do....

18) I'm completely serious and not trying to make a joke: Why is it that you drive on the parkway but you park on the driveway??? WHAT IDIOT NAMED THOSE TWO THINGS???

19) Why are these directions necessary on packets of airplane peanuts: Open package. Eat nuts. For me to continue having any faith in the human race, I must keep believing that there are not people this stupid...

20) Fake fingernails. They're ugly and get in the way. 'Nuff said.

21) Space. It just... never ends??? How IS that?? It's so mind-boggling.

22) Hummers. Why protect the environment when you can release chemicals into it while drving around in a REALLY ugly car, right? Those things get like 3 miles to the gallon!

23) Why my brother thinks he is entitled to the computer, and I have to ASK him when I want it. It's so frustrating. You wouldn't understand.

24) Why do some cool guys go for obnoxious, snobby, ditsy cheerleaders who have never heard of Bob Dylan and go around saying things like, "Did you see Laguna last night??? OMG!!!!!" And why are there no guys in my school who like tall, unique, slightly awkward girls who are kind of deep, like good music, crack jokes way too often in class, and have an IQ above 50??? Hmm?? HMMMMM?????

25) Why are ripped jeans so popular? They have HOLES in them, for chrissake.

26) Peanut butter and banana. Maybe it's one of those don't-shoot-it-'til-you've-tried-it things, but I just don't know how these relate. At all.

27) Pregnancy aerobics. All that bouncing and jostling CAN NOT be good for the baby. Hm. Maybe that explains the behavior of some people I know--their mothers did one-too-many kicks or jumps while they were in 'da bellay......

28) WHO is Kathy Santoni on Full House? Honestly, they name-drop her on almost every episode, and I think they showed her like once, on DJ's first day of Junior High. (Wow, how lame am I for knowing that? Answer: VERY.) She's like this mystical person they mention when they need a name. Kathy sounds like quite the chick, however--DJ goes to her parties like every week, Kathy apparently gets all the guys DJ likes (even eating lunch with her boyfriend- GASP!) and apparently has very big boobs. Huh. She's like the mysterious character everyone talks about but no one ever sees....

I don't understand so much. So much.

oh yes: Order of the Phoenix trailer!!!!!! Seriously, WATCH IT.

Ron, I love you. Really, I do. Your hair looks so much better in this movie than in Goblet of Fire. Snaps for Ron.

I'm so galskdfja;lkejjlfk excited!!! Geek? YES, thank you very much!!

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Monday, June 18, 2007

If love be rough with you, be rough with love.

I adore Romeo and Juliet. I really do. We read it in English class this year, and it was truly the highlight of that class. (My teacher looked like a bird and tried very hard to be "hip".) But the other night, I watched the Leo DiCaprio version with some of my friends. What an odd, odd movie.... But I was reciting lines right before the characters did. My friends were getting pretty pissed.

Me: "Peace? I hate the word, as I hate hell, all Montagues, and thee."
Tybalt (on TV): "Peace? I hate the word....."
Friend 1: "If you don't shut up, I'm going to gag you with this tube sock."
Friend 2: "And I will help."

Whatever. They just don't appreciate my reciting abilities. Psh.

Image Hosted by
Enjoy yourselves NOW, because you will be dead in like 4 days. Just warning you.

Oh yes, I worked at my church carnival the other day too. I have to get a certain amount of service hours every year, or else I get held back. Literally. My school is pretty hardcore when it comes to service. But anyway, I face painted with my friend Erin, who is an art genius. No lie, she is so incredible, the Art IV students are jealous of her. So it was rough face painting with her. This exchange actually occurred.

Me: "Oh, hello [little 5 year old girl], what do you want on your face?"
Girl: "I want a unicorn."
Me (thinking): Dammit. Those are so fricken hard.

At this same time, Erin was also painted a unicorn on another little girl's face. She finished. The girl stood up. I finished. The girl I had been painting stood up.

Girl: "Heyyyyyyy!!!! Her unicorn is way better!!!! I want her to paint a unicorn!! Your unicorn stinks!!!"
She then proceeded to WIPE THE UNICORN OF HER FACE and walk over to Erin, who looked slightly stunned and just started painting her unicorn. And I thought my unicorn was pretty damn good! Not as good as Erin's, OBVIOUSLY, but nothing ever is.
I hope that little girl dropped her cotton candy on the ground later. Muahahaha!!

Image Hosted by

Oh YEAH, it LOOKS innocent NOW, but just wait until you try to do something nice for someone and paint it on their little cherub "angel" cheek. It will bite you in the ass.

It's frustrating having such talented friends.

I did manage to paint a stellar peace sign on my cheek, however. It was so ridiculously hippie-like, what with my hippie dress, ratty blonde hair, and headwrap. EAT THAT, PREPSTER SCUM!!!!!!!!

Seriously, Urban Outfitters has THE coolest head things. I highly suggest you check them out.

Wow, ok. Hopefully you did not read that thinking, "This girl is a total head case." So on to the original intent of this post: (Drumroll, please!) THE WORST BAND NAMES EVER.

Now, I do not condemn the band's music based on their name. Many bands with bad names have good music. Many bands with good names have bad music (here's looking at you, Hellogoodbye....). It's just the way it is. Perhaps one day I will focus on bands with good names. But not today, today I feel like being negative and persnickity (is that spelled right? Meh, who cares.)

First up, quite possibly the worst band name EVER:

1) The The
Did the creator have Tourette's, or something? Or were the members just really plastered one night and liked how the repetitive words sounded? Honestly, this name is just so bad, it hurts my brain.

2) The Salads
The Salads? They HONESTLY couldn't think of anything better???? How is salad rock n' roll? HOW????? Answer: It is not.

3) The Toasters
This is kind of similar to the Salads. A toaster is like the most uncool thing EVER. This name is so lame, the creator does not deserve to live.

4) !!!
When I first saw this name, I thought, "WOW. They are trying WAYYYYY to hard to be clever." I had no idea how to pronounce, until someone told me you click your tongue three times, which seriously is the most retarded thing ever. That's not a BAND name, that's the sound I make when I am trying to emulate a clock.

5) A Cool Name For a Band

6) Jefferson Airplane
DON'T HIT ME, Jefferson Airplane fans. I'm sure their music is good, but their name sucks. Maybe there's a story behind it, but band names shouldn't have to be explained. They should just beeeeeee.

7) Cobra Starship
Maybe any band name with an aircraft-related word in it bugs me.....

8) The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Oh, wow. They make good music, but.... these three words..... relate.....? Red and jumpsuit, ok. But apparatus??? Out of which band member's ass what THAT one pulled???? Apparatus is seriously the strangest word....

9) Cute Is What We Aim For
Some people think it's clever, but I just think it's trying wayyyy to hard to be clever. Your band's name is LAME, Shaant! And so is yours......

So there's my list. Any additions?


RULES: Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to then report this on their own blog with their 7 things as well as these rules. They then need to tag 7 others and list their names on their blog. They are also asked to leave a comment for each of the tagged, letting them know they have been tagged and to read the blog.

So here's my list of Random Facts about myself

1) I was the Geography Bee champion for my diocese in 8th grade, and I came in 2nd in 6th grade. Go on, ask me where the Atlas Mountains are. I DARE YOU.

2) I am a ridiculous, crazy Harry Potter fan, and have been since I was 7. I am both anticipating and dreading the final book...... If Harry dies, I swear to God, I am going to hunt down J.K. Rowling. I actually CRIED on my 11th birthday when I didn't get my Hogwarts acceptance letter. I KNEW it wasn't going to come, but I had that smallest shred of hope... Don't laugh at me!

3) My second favorite city that I've been to (besides New York, well New York and San Francisco tie) is Victoria, BC. I went there two summers ago and just fell in love with the city. It wasn't too big, and there's all this water nearby (I took a ferry from Washington to get there, IT WAS SO COOL), and it just has this odd charm about it. I really want to go there again. Plus, Hot Hot Heat is from Victoria, which is just an added bonus.

4) I am afraid of death, rape, low-flying planes, clowns (the "Fluorescent Adolescent" video is soooo creepy!), open heights (like a cliff or the open-air observation deck of a building, not a plane) mice, and all other rodents. Spiders and other bugs don't bother me one bit, but mice freak me out to no extent. All my friends are always like, "Anna! Spider! Get it!" So I just pick it up and go put it outside. No big deal.

Oh, right, my name's Anna. Hello, nice to meet you. Typing "A" is getting annoying, because it's a whole separate word, not just an inital. But whatever, I'll probably end up doing it anyway, because that's just how I am.

5) My heroes are: My mom, my grandparents (they've been married 51 years), Jim Halpert (who happens to be my soul mate....) and Greta Salpeter, the pianist from The Hush Sound, for being in a kick-ass band, having a kick-ass voice, and playing the piano kick-ass-edly.

6) I have absolutely NO idea what I want to do when I grow up, or what I want to study in college. I mean, I love philosophy, writing, literature, foreign languages, feminism, anthropology, sociology, and music. But I have no idea how to turn this into a career, or even how to find a major that encompasses all of that. I detest the guidance counselor for making me look through college books and informing me that I will most likely not go to a school outside of Pennsylvania. Screw her. I am number one in my class, and I WILL get a scholarship and I WILL leave Pennsylvania and go to a liberal arts college around Boston. So there. Screw her.

7) To Kill A Mockingbird changed my life.

Um, er, I guess I tag the only people that have ever commented on this blog... so, Ashcan Rantings, Discotheque Confusion, If You Can't Think Of Anything Nice to Say..., Calleth, and urm... well, that's really it..... CONSIDER YOURSELVES TAGGED.


Wow, that was like the longest post I've ever posted. My GOD, it took me a long time. You better have read it! Or I will growl at you. I'm kidding. I'm not that creepy.

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sexy.... Part Dos

This is the second part of my MMSSIFTBWISAPOTL (did I get all that?). This is kind of a sub-category, however: CHARACTERS I FELL IN LOVE WITH IN MOVIES. In this instance, I may not find the actual person very attractive, but I find the character they played damn sexy. Follow?

1) Duckie (Jon Cryer) in Pretty In Pink
Image Hosted by
I always HATED this movie. I hated Blane, or Blaine, or whatever preppy name it was. He was so girly, and pale... and wimpy!!! Steff always really annoyed me... he does NOT look like a high school student. Andie's dress is THE ugliest thing I have EVER seen. Truly. Even for the 80s, it was just BAD! Even Andie herself annoyed me.... the way she treated Duckie.... So what's the only reason I continually watch this movie over and over again? DUCKIE, of course! He's the guy ever girl wants for a best friend, but nobody would ever see as a love interest, without realizing that he actually has feelings. Plus, it's just great acting on Jon Cryer's part: Classic, classic.

Best part of the movie, hands down, equals Duckie lip-syncing in the record shop:

It makes my heart smile.

But then....

Ok, if my best guy friend said, "God, I've would've DIED for you!" I think I might dump the prep at the door. Seriously. Blane is so icky.

But I love Duckie, always.

2) Dwayne Hoover (Paul Dano) in Little Miss Sunshine

Image Hosted by

From the second Dwayne showed up on the screen, I thought to myself, "Oh shit, I'm going to have a major crush on him by the end of the movie." And you know what, I did. The quiet, angry, misunderstood guy......... He's not really that good-looking, but Paul Dano's acting is truly, truly brilliant. Without saying a word, he portrays all of these emotions. It's incredible. I think he should've a least been NOMINATED for Best Supporting Actor. But whatever.

Dwayne's whole being is just very sexy, in a really, really, REALLY weird way!

SPOILER ALERT! (if you haven't seen the movie, don't watch this. Don't say I didn't warn you!!)

PLUS, the movie had Steve Carell, from the BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!

3) Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) in Titanic
Image Hosted by

DON'T YELL AT ME. I know how cliche and ultra-teenage girl-y it is to have Jack Dawson on the list, but seriously! What breathing human with two X chromosomes did NOT fall in love with him, at least a LITTLE? That whole artistic, passionate ruffian thing? It's so sexy! Leo really peaked in this movie. Now he looks too grown-up, his face is too filled out and rounded instead of young and slightly hollowed.... or maybe he's just had one too many packs of Ho-Ho's.......

But anyway: Jack Dawson. For MONTHS after I first saw this movie, I went around with this daze of "I want MY own Jack Dawson!" (Give me a break, I was seven.) Jack's weird slight-accent, how he's so unselfish with Rose, and the way he's nice to everybody, it swelled my little seven-year-old heart up, and it still does to this day.

4) Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck) in Roman Holiday
Image Hosted by
That voice.... it's so deep and manly! And... urm.... yeah, I think his voice was really the clincher.....

5) Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack) in Say Anything

Image Hosted by

That's right, Lloyd! You hold that boombox (God, remember boomboxes) above your head in an act of defiant love! You blast "In Your Eyes"!!! Go, Lloyd!!!

So this list is definitely not in order, because I think Lloyd Dobler is the movie character I fell most in love with. Just the little things that make a difference (if you have not seen the movie, you are going to be very, very lost):
  • his Clash t-shirt
  • his eagerness and never-giving-up-edness to get Diane to go out with him
  • the scene where he leads Diane around the glass- from that moment on, there was no resisiting Lloyd Dobler's charms
  • "I gave her my heart, and she gave me a pen."
  • Diane: "Are you cold?" "No, I think I'm happy." Or something along those lines, cut me some slack, I haven't watched this is a few months!
  • How he was the key holder at the party. ("YOU MUST CHILL!")
  • the trenchcoat. Gotta love it.
  • "I don't want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. I don't want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as a career, I don't want to do that."
  • When he's talking to the old people at the home
  • When poor Lloyd breaks his nose!
  • Diane: "Nobody thinks it will work, do they?" Lloyd: "No. You just described every great success story."
OK, this movie is much too quotable. I must stop. Just watch it! The ending is the best movie ending ever. This is not a suggestion. This is a fact.

Diane NEVER seemed worthy of Lloyd. Never ever ever.

So that concludes this sexy installment. Except, wait! I meant to put JAMES FRANCO on my other sexy list, but I somehow forgot. So just know that HE IS ON THE LIST!!!!!!!!

Listen: "Just Like Heaven"- The Cure


Friday, June 15, 2007

He's a looker!

Ask anyone who has ever spent more than 10 minutes with me, and they will tell you that I use this phrase far too often. I'm sure it gets annoying. But it's mainly a polite way of saying, "Damn. He's sexy."

Alright, Molly and Emma inspired me. Copying? Um, NO. "Inspiration" is more accurate. I couldn’t resist making MY VERY OWN SEXY
LIST, or, as I like to call it, my
Men-So-Sexy-I-Forget-To-Breathe-When-I-See-A-Picture-Of-Them-List (aka
Literally, I forget to breathe . I wish I could be all cool and
nonchalant, like “Oh yeah, hot guy, no biggie,” but I JUST CAN’T. I forget to
breathe, and about 5 seconds later, my brains switches back on, and I gulp like
a fish cruelly tossed onto the dock. Oh, I am so smooth.
#1 is definitely my number one, number 2 is number 2, but the rest
aren’t really in any particular order.

1) Alex Turner: The Just-Plain Sexy
Sexysexysexysexy. There’s a reason all the deep girls fall for
musicians. He’s just so ridiculously talented, a true lyrical genius. And his
hair…and his accent…and the way he holds his guitar…and the way his lips touch
the microphone when he sings…and the way he looks when he’s playing a mad crazy
riff…oh, shit. I am venturing a little too far into Crazy Fangirl Land. Like
those girls who make their Myspace names, “Mrs. [insert name here].” Ick. That always creeped me out. But seriously. Alex Turner........ siiiiigh.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Oh, to gain possession of that hoodie...

Image Hosted by

Oh yes, and may I just say that the other guitarist, Jamie Cook, is quite a looker, too. Ew, the new bassist? Ick!!! Icky Nicky O'Malley. He resembles a caveman, with those creepy hooded eyes. Ewwww. I'm not going to soil my post of sexiness by putting a picture of him... so find one yourself... IF YOU DARE.

2) John Krasinski/ Jim Halpert: The Adorable, Sweet Sexy
Again, ask any of my friends and they will tell you that I can't go through a day without mentioning how Jim Halpert is my soul mate. I am so in love with a fictional character, it's ridiculous. He's sweet, funny, and hot. JUST LIKE ME!!!! Well.... one out of three....
But anyways. Yes. I love Jim Halpert. But I also love John Krasinski, because he is JUST LIKE JIM! Thank God. I've seen him on talk shows, and he EVEN MAKES THE JIM FACE!!! IT'S SO AWESOME!!!! But that slow smile... why, it could melt metal, I swear it could. He's kind of a cute sexy, as opposed to Alex Turner, who is just.... sexy sexy. Does that make sense?
Every time Jim plays a practical joke on Dwight, my heart swells a bit more. So this is love... la la la la....

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Oh yeah, was anyone else REALLY excited by the ending of the season finale????

3) Jude Law: The Traditional Sexy
I really hate admitting how attractive I find Jude Law, because he kind of seems like a jerk. Cheating on poor Sienna with the nanny and whatnot... dispicable. Shame on you, Jude. But you are one of the most attractive men alive, so I'll let it slide a bit. (Well, not really. I have NO sympathy AT ALL for cheaters.... it's a personal thing...) But right. He's hot. You have to admit it. Anyone see The Holiday? The movie sucked, by Jude Law was SO INCREDIBLE HOT in it. I watched the movie with my mom, and I got so embarressed by how hot he was that my face was getting BRIGHT RED. Heh. But seriously, he was the best part of the movie. Never has a man made glasses look so sexy, or fatherhood. Oops, urm... spoiler alert!

Image Hosted by
You have to admit... that is ONE ATTRACTIVE MAN!

4) Adam Brody: The Geeky Sexy

Image Hosted by

Ok, admittedly cliche. But I just find geeks so goddamm attractive, and Adam Brody really exemplifies the "cool geek." ELLEgirl (wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!) said it far better than I ever could: "...providing a beacon of light to girls who prefer skinny to studly, witty to brawny, and awkward to dashing. Face it--the pickings have alwaays been slim in the pool of COBs (Cool Objectifiable Boys) for girls whose SAT scores rank in the 95th percentile... Adam Brody: just right. Smart, wears cute clothes, has good taste in music and possesses just the right amount of neurosis."
EXACTLY. Dammit, do you see why I love ELLEgirl so much??? It was like they could read my mind. But I already posted a rambling about that.
So it's kind of like this: While I find people like Jude Law attractive, I could NEVER picture dating them... (though that's not really the point of a sexy list, is it?). But seriously, Adam Brody is like the male form of me. Kind of. You know what I mean. He's the type of guy my school is sadly lacking.

5) Rupert Grint: The REDHEADED sexy
Image Hosted by

Alright, I admittedly don't find Rupert Grint sexy. He's just so damn cute, is all. But I still figured he belonged on this list. His character is truly the only one that gives me laughs as I watch Harry Potter. (Seriously, who DOESN'T find the way he says, "Bloody hell..." really, really cute?) How to explain this? Ok, if Alex Turner makes my pulse quicken, Rupert Grint just makes me go, "Awwwwwwww!" He's just so sheepish and shy. Have you ever read any interviews with the Harry Potter trio? Rupert is so shy, he barely answers. It really and truly maakes me go, "Awwwww!"

Image Hosted by
For the love of PIE, ignore Dan "Maybe my name is really Danielle" Radcliffe, and Emma "I'm sexy, dammit! I AM SEXY!!" Watson (serious, Emma's pose is atrocious), and just shift your eyes to the redhead on the right who could be a guy who helps you if you drop something on the street. See what I mean?

So that's it for Part One. Part Two is coming tomorrow. Or maybe Sunday. But look for it in the next few days. Cool?

Listen to: "1234" by Feist


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Do it.

So this is my "lazy post". I think every blogger should be allowed a few of those, don't you? It's basically a music quiz I made up a while back and posted on myspace.

Hey.... YOU SHOULD TAKE IT. What a novel idea! And then make one. It's really fun. Even if you don't know the answers, just guess. That's my philosophy for everything, come to think of it; if you don't know, just guess.

1) Who was David Bowie's alter ego?

2) Name the four Beatles and what instrument they played.

3) Who is the guitarist in U2?

4) Who was the lead singer of Queen? And what was his sexual orientation?

5) Sting was part of what band?

6) Name three Beatles records.

7) What was Blondie's hit rap song, the first of its kind?

8) What is British singer Lily Allen's hit single?

9) Name the three Coldplay albums. Go.

10) What city do/did the Decemberists and Elliott Smith (RIP) hail from?

11) What member of the Rolling Stones did Johnny Depp model Jack Sparrow after?

12) Who is the lead singer and wordsmith of Arctic Monkeys?

13) Corinne Bailey Rae is part of what musical movement? [Hint: Neo-_____]

14) Where are the Arcade Fire from, and what is the name of their new CD?

15) What state is the Starting Line from? [hint: I'm asking this for a reason]

16) What Mat Kearney song was featured in the trailer for Catch and Release?

17) Finish this phrase: "For those about to rock, ___________." Bonus: What band is this from?

18) How is Hendrix's first name spelled?

19) What is KT Tunstall's real name?

20) What bands sings the songs "Wonderwall and Champagne Supernova"?

21) Who is the lead singer of Radiohead?

22) What country is Phoenix from? How about ABBA?

23) Two bands were formally Christian rock, but are now more pop-rock. Hint: They start with an S and a R.

24) What disease did the subject of question number 4 die from?

25) What state is Jack Johnson from? [Hint: Think about his lyrics and sound. That should help.]

Listen: "When the Sun Goes Down"- Arctic Monkeys

Better yet, WATCH!

Alex Turner makes my heart all pitter-patter.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Oh, God. I am so clever, combining words like that. Because I in fact came up with Brangelina, don't you know. Those bitches must've overheard me talking about it somewhere and stolen it. Oh course that's what happened! Skeptical, you are? (Yoda alert!) Well.... psh....


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How much do I love Regina Spektor? This woman is so inspiring, her music is so original and fresh, and different.

Well, I just realized this post isn't going to be so incredibly inspiring. But please, read on.

The piano music she writes... it just blows me away. And her, as a person. She looks so delicate and sweet, but then this huge, striking voice comes out when she opens her mouth. I don't really know.... how to describe her music. So just... watch these youtube videos! I swear, you won't be sorry.

A cover of "Real Love" written by John Lennon. I hate to admit this... but what the heck. I actually cry when I listen to this song. It's just so unlike all the other shit in the music world, it's otherworldly. And so full of emotion. And she even makes messing up look cute: "I fucked it up yesterday too!" and "Sorry, Mr. Lennon!" The song is actually on Instant Karma, the Lennon tribute album that comes out... today, actually! Sweet, now it'll be on limewire... Right. Blog. Focus. Ok.

Next up: "Fidelity" live. This is so incredible amazing, I love it even more than the original.

How many artists can honestly say that sound just like the album when they're live? Not many, my friends. Case in point: Panic! At the Disco. Ewwwwwwwww. I CRINGE at the thought, of the horror I experienced watching some show where they performed. I couldn't sleep for weeks!

But back to Regina. Even after all these years in the US, she just can't shake that kooky Russian accent, and I must say, I love it. It's quirky, as is she. And in interviews, she's so shy, but put her on a stage, and she's cussing like a sailor! It's brilliant (ooooh, Brit-speak). One more video, I swear, just one:

She's at a concert and she totally screws up, and only she could make it look so perfect.

Warning: She says "fuck" like 5 times, so you might not want to play this if the little kiddies are running away.

She's an inspiration to not just pianists, but all musicians.

Oh, and her guitar's pretty too.

Currently listening: "Samson"- (you guessed it!) Regina Spektor

Screw this Fleur thing. As much as I love that name, it's just not me.

I'm back to just plain A.


Monday, June 11, 2007


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I was reading my two, yes two (I didn't discover it until 2 months before it went kaput. Believe me, I was pissed) issues of ELLEgirl and my wounds were ripped open again. I realized just how far it outshone any other magazine out there. Nothing currently in circulation can even hold a candle to our late, beloved ELLEgirl.

It truly encouraged us to "dare to be different." It didn't feature your same old blonde starlet on every cover. It had offbeat, hilarious, quirky writing written by offbeat, hilarious, quirky people. I could read about bands in their that would NEVER have been mentioned in Seventeen. For example: the last issue *tear* featured Be Your Own Pet. The Music Issue featured Sleater-Kinney, in another issue they reviewed both Tilly and the Wall AND Regina Spektor. Hellllo. What band does Seventeen feature? Good Charlotte or Hilary Duff. Ewww.

It had a fresh approach to beauty and fashion. It guided us, gave us general ideas, but never had features like, "APPLY THIS MAKEUP TO WAY TO CONTOUR YOUR NOSE TO LAND THE GUY," or "WEAR THESE SEXY CLOTHES SO HE THINKS YOU'RE HOT." No! It saw girls as unique, beautiful individuals who had other interests BESIDES guys. Yes, it had a 'Guys" section at the back, but it was minimal, and always funny, and real.

When I discovered ELLEgirl, I thought, "Wow, a magazine for a REAL girl! This is so awesome!" It was like the editors understood me, knew exactly what I wanted in a magazine. ELLEgirl was for the girl who maybe felt different, but in a good way. The girl who was insanely cool, off-beat, who preffered Salvation Army to Abercrombie and Fitch every day. Who wanted to be a strong, independent individual, not just another example of teenage conformity.

I have yet to find a magazine that I have loved with all my heart as I did those two blessed, glorious issues of ELLEgirl. Am strongly considering stealing back copies from my library. Shh, quiet now. Don't tell!

I still don't understand why this magazine went kaput. It was booming! Subscriptions were up, as were ads..... I really can't understand it. It left me with a black hole in my heart, and I harped and complained for literally months afterwards.

I will always love you ELLEgirl. COME BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!

Currently listening: "Say Anything (Else)"- Cartel

Fleur! (my adopted name, ain't it SPLENDIFEROUS?)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Takin' it to the streets

I was never a HUGE fan of the runways. Everything seemed so untouchable, and very difficult to translate to real life. So where do I turn for inspiration? The STREETS, of course. City streets are so alive, and vibrant, and the fashion reflects that.

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Meet Fleur, from Paris. First of all, how much am I jealous of her name? I mean, seriously. FLEUR? It means "flower"!!! How stellar is that? Plus, her coat is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen, and the purple tights just make it that much more special. And who doesn't love the messy-chic hair?

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Yay for cool vintage-looking coats, cuffed blue-gray jeans, and killer sneakers.

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I would pay anything, GIVE anything, to be able to be in a cool European city riding around on my bike in a cute dress. I hate Pennsylvania.

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The whole thing is a little dumpster-chic for me, but those electric blue boots are nirvana. In a shoe. Has anyone ever read the Principles of Love series?

Image Hosted by
So simple, yet so, so incredibly awesome. This girl outshines the dumpster girl above by a mile.

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Oh, me? I'm just a ridiculously awesome hipster with great hair and a killer outfit. No biggy! I'm too cool to care!

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Totally office-, even church-appropriate, but so goddam gorgeous.

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*Has a jealousy heart attack*

Currently listening to: "New Slang" by the Shins


Guess who's going to Warped Tour?

My neighbor's second cousin's fiance!
Ha. Just kidding.
I AM!!!!!!!!! My dear friend Lily and I are going to Warped Tour, the blessed Warped Tour. We're going to the one in Philly, and I'm so excited I could just.... never mind.

I will be seeing:

All Time Low
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Boys Like Girls
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Cute Is What We Aim For
Image Hosted by

Meg And Dia
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Image Hosted by

The Starting Line
Image Hosted by

Plus, I may possibly see: The Almost, Bayside, Cinematic Sunrise, Coheed and Cambria, Funeral For A Friend, The Rocket Summer, The Spill Canvas, So They Say, and Tiger Army.

Jealous much? Meh, you should be! I'm REALLY excited, but also kind of scared! I mean, I've never been to a concert. And when I meet the bands, what if I make an ass out of myself? It's not like they'll remember me, but still!

But seriously, I'm really excited! I'm sure I'll have plenty of pictures after August 3rd!

Tell me what you thought about when you were gone and so alone,

Like an awkward blind date.

Well, hi. It's me. I SWEAR, THIS is the blog I am going to use.

Sorry for all the confusion!

Cuz he's a scumbag don't you know,