Friday, November 30, 2007

Because Emma commanded.

And you do what Emma say. Hear?

So I was working on a lame post. Shocker, shocker. I know. I'll give you a few seconds to pick yourself up off the floor, rehinge your jaw, that sort of thing.

Are we good now? Tres bien. (Note: I take Spanish. This and a 'orrible pronunciation of Bonjour and Au Revoir is about the extent of my French.)

As I was working on this post, and supposed to be working on about 5 projects for school, I came across Emma's (of I'd say check it out, but chances are you already have.) post of a SURVEY. Who doesn't love a good survey? I most certainly love them. But then I saw that she said to fill it out. And, frankly, who am I to refuse such a blatant request? I'm not God, for one. So the answer is I am NOBODY to refuse. So I didn't. Here you go.

1. What’s your favorite children’s book? Easy answer would be Arry Pottah. But I don't think this qualifies as a children's book, it is too mindblowing and complex. I'm going to go with the first book I learned how to read. I think it was called Teddy Bear's Big Adventure. But basically, I was a smart little cookie. I had my mom read it to me over and over again, until I had it totally memorized, then one day I said MOM I CAN READ and I pulled the book out and mulled over the words, pausing just enough at each to be convincing. Then my mom went around going ANNA CAN READ and I was quite the celebrity at 3 year old preschool. I know, I know. Crafty even at age 3! But then a month-ish later I read a book for real. I think it was some serious foreshadowing of my future nerd-dom that I started reading before some people (cough my sister cough) are potty trained.

2. What’s your favorite type of cake? ICE CREAM CAKE. Ohhhhhhhh MY god. You have not LIVED until you've had Dairy Queen's ice cream cake. I get it every single birthday. It blows real cake out of the metaphorical WATER. I swear, they inject it with some sort of nicotine or something. It's ADDICTING.

Image Hosted by

Oh. ANIMATION. BAM. Vanilla ice cream, then this DECADENT layer of fudge, then this crunchy stuff, then chocolate.. There's something almost disturbingly sensual about this though, isn't there? It honestly makes me grimace.

3. What is the last song you listened to? "Can't Believe a Single Word" by VHS or Beta. Listen to it, it's the catchiest damn song, it should be illegal. This song could melt even my chem teacher's heart.

4. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4.Write down what it says- "While the beryllium-10 is a good proxy for sunspot numbers for some of the..." Ahhhh. A little light reading is so good for the soul. Either I am a genius in Good Will Hunting fashion and absorb this kind of thing for fun like a freakin' sponge.....OR they are for my science fair project and I got all the necessary research from the 2 page preface that even my dog might be able to comprehend.... Either/or. Take your pick.

5. What are your 3 best qualities? My body. My body....and my body.
That's right, I am nothing more than a unbelievably hot body for men to ogle over. Oh yes.

OBVIOUSLY I am joking. What would a person like that be doing updating their BLOG on a FRIDAY night??? My body is rather average. Save my height. 5'10". I'm pretty much shaped like a ruler and a pear's love child. TMI? Ok, moving on.

My three best qualities are.... 1) I'm smart. I'm going to use that to get out of this stifling town. It doesn't even qualify as a small town, so it's not like a Star's Hollow. It's just a boring town. 2) I'm outspoken. I think this is a good quality, but probably about 50% of the people in my classes do not find this good. I might get annoying. At least I'm never boring. 3) I'm loyal. Pretty fiercly. Example: I liked this girl well enough until I found out she is practically in love with my best friend's boyfriend, and my best friend is pretty worried about it, though she pretends not to be. Now I see the girl and I practically want to claw her eyes out. If she does do anything, believe me, I WILL. Ok, maybe not quite. As high school drama-y as this sounds, and I usually make fun of the "popular" girls in my grade who worry about that kind of thing... but this is SUPPOSED to represent that I am loyal. I'm like Lassie. Except my hair's not as soft and silky. And I couldn't run that fast even if an army of preps was chasing me.

6. Do you think you're a kind person? I'm a bit rough around the edges, but when it comes down to it, I am kind. I have a really big heart, which I think sometimes gets in the way of things. I sometimes get all ultra-humanitarian and want to help everybody who was ever hurting.

7. What color is your toothbrush? How should I know? It's in my mouth 98% of the time I hold it. As for the other 2%? Oh, the intrigue......

8. Who was your first TV crush? No one made my heart swell quite to the size it swelled after first beholding Jim Halpert.

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Oh, Johnny K. (Note to self: Slap myself if I ever again refer to him as "Johnny K...) Stop being so cute. I want to squeeze you in a great big bear hug. Come with me, love, and we can play a practical joke on Dwight and eat grilled cheese on the Dunder Mifflin roof afterward, watching Kevin light fireworks..... Sigh. I am slightly shamed to admit that I went a little fan-girl when I saw a huge version of that picture in the window of my local Gap. Some actually squealing may have been involved. Ok, I admitted it... I'm just going to go quietly crawl into a hole now...

Most of my crushes are movie crushes, but not Jim!

9. If you had to choose one celebrity couple to hang out with for the holidays, who would it be? I think Kirsten Dunst and Zooey Deschanel should go lesbian and become a couple JUST so I could hang out with them. We could all be one big happy family (since I would be their adopted sister, of COURSE) and do awesome things. And I could become awesome like them.

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Hey sis(es)!!! Let's go to a concert in the Village and you can braid my hair! (Pics nabbed from Plain Jayne).

I officially have the attention span of a goldfish. I'm bored. Dammit, Emma, how do you post those impossibly long posts????????

That post was so lame, I think I'm going to cry. I'm just not in the mood.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I wish I would've thought of this!

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I really want to participate in this. Every Saturday after Thanksgiving, when the papers always have an article about Black Friday, I feel like throwing up. It's such a bitter and disgusting reflection of our CONSUME CONSUME CONSUME culture. People trample each other to get the last phone/video game/ laptop/other stupid "What was wrong with your other one??" device! That's ridiculous! I really wanted to spread this message, because I think we, as a people, need to learn not to be so greedy and consumptive. I challenge you to NOT BUY ANYTHING (except perhaps a book or a movie ticket [as long as it's a good movie], something that will actually stimulate your mind) on Black Friday. Let's learn how to live with what we have, instead of always needing MORE.

peace out.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lyke, hi, guys!

I would apologize, but considering I am not a blogging supaaaastarrrr, I think that would be a bit presumptuous. But volleyball (can you say 2nd ranked in the state?) and band (ehhhh... not so much) are as done as ponchos (oh MAN, can you say BURN? Or not...), and I now have gobs of free time. Why do something artsy or productive when I can WRITE about how I SHOULD be doing something artsy and productive on my BLOG????

So, fall's almost over. Bummer. Every year, I picture myself all cozy with knee socks and boots and vintage dresses on a hayride or picking apples, perhaps writing in my journal in a pumpkin patch. But alas, fall is always over before it has a chance to begin, and I find myself in jeans and my Chucks spiking balls in a gym that is either freezing or approximately the temperature of hell/ playing mallets on a football sideline.

I'm going somewhere with this, I swear. Wait, actually, I'm not. Change of subject:

I am butt-crazy in love with Urban Outfitters. Yes, I'm sorry, I am going to be lame and unoriginal and post pictures of pretty clothes with somewhere-south-of-witty captions.

Image Hosted by

I'm not sure why this bag thrills me so. The words are probably meant just to be quirky. There are so many people we have never met, will never meet. This intrigues and frightens me, knowing that I might never get to meet the one person who could save me.
Oh boy. Debbie Downer much?

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I love how this tree looks like a doodle I or anyone else could've done with pen in a notebook margin. But it's beautiful.

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I am actually ordering the triumphant beret tonight! I am ecstatic, as these sort of things do not usually happen to me. Rarely do I fall in love with an item online and find myself in possession of me.

What's with my pompous tone tonight? I'm even bothering myself...

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Hot damn. These shoes are everything good with this world. Urm... stratch that. I'm pretty sure leather might piss off a person or two... But they are gorgeous. They are the fall boots I dream of wearing with fall-toned clothes and cable knit over the knee socks. And holy hell, THEY HAVE MY SIZE!!!! This is amazing, this is incredible, this is..... 500 DOLLARS????????????????????????????????????????????? Yes, they are beautiful, but 500 buckeroos??? I can't even get $20 together to subscribe to Alternative Press!!!!

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I will wear this dress and be cooler than...... anyone.... ever..... even cooler than Barack Obama. That's right, I said it.

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This looks comfy enough to sleep in. Kurt Cobain grunge chic, anyone? A moment of silence. Ok, now go not wash your hair.

Image Hosted by

And I'm ordering these gloves, too! The hobo glove angels are smiling down on me. (They didn't they you about them in Sunday school, did they? Well, see, at Catholic school, you learn these things.)

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In case I didn't want to be a make [believe] not war flower child of the 60's enough already, Urban Outfitters had to present me with these rad hair accessories and make my longing even more potent.

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Blue, yellow, AND purple tights????? Is it even legal to be that cool?

Shameless plug Part Uno:


Every Sunday, I visit that inspiring and heartwrenching website for new postcards. Basically, people decorate a postcard and send in their secrets. Sometimes the secrets relate to me, and they make me feel connected to other humans. Sometimes the secrets are so beyond anything I have to deal with, and I feel thankful for what I have. Either way, this website inspires.

This one in particular moves me, because I so agree. I hate dating sites. Where's the magic in getting scientifically matched up with your perfect mate? Isn't the idea of love that it depends on fate? That if you left the house a minute later, you might not have met that person? Don't we all want a great love story?
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This is just a beautiful piece of language.

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Old people make my heart hurt, they are so adorable, and I respect them so much. They have seen much, lived so many moments, they know so much.

Shameless plug part Dos:

Patrick Park.

This man's music is what makes me believe the world hasn't lost all emotion, or heart, or truth, or beauty.

Just look at this picture of him:

Image Hosted by

I think I am in love with this man's soul.
Listen to "Life Is A Song." The lyrics changed my life.

Shameless plug part tres:


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Words can not describe how incredible this film is. The look of it is absolutely, insanely gorgeous (bleeding strawberries in "Strawberry Fields Forever", anyone?) and I have founda new love in Jim Sturgess. His voice is so unique. I must say, one of my favorite scenes is "Revolution." I think it's because it's almost creepy how the lyrics fit the scene so perfectly, and it's like he COULD be talking to her, but he just happens to be singing. You seriously MUST see this movie, it inspires me.

Shameless plug part cuatro:

The Other Boleyn Girl.

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I only began this book yesterday, and already I am sucked in. READ IT. It's 600-something pages, but it goes really quickly, I can't put it down. Honestly, I love it. And they're making a movie out of it with.... JIM STURGESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He plays George Boleyn, Anne and Mary's brother. I can't not wait. The movie better do the book justice.

Alright, I think that's enough for today. Even with no life, I still have homework.

she's standing in the ashes at the end of the world, four winds blowing through her hair.

ay en en ay!