Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"If you can't fix it, you've gotta stand it."

“I find it, personally, disappointing that people kind go out of their way to voice their opinions against the way that two people choose to love each other. I think that’s really unfortunate.”

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Heath Ledger's death is affecting me more than I thought it would, or more than it should, technically. I mean, I never met the man, I've seen only two of his movies. Yet I keep remembering and feeling incredibly sad. I don't want to use the same words as everyone else, "RIP, so tragic, so sad, gone too soon" because it seems more than that. It's not right, it's not fair, it's not natural and it doesn't seem real. For a touching tribute, read A Room Of One's Own's (http://aroom-of-ones-own.blogspot.com/) two wonderful posts on Heath. I really couldn't hope to do any better, but I found these two videos on youtube, and I really wanted to share them.

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The first is Heath on Ellen in 2006, just after he was nominated for Brokeback Mountain. This is how I want to, and how I think we should, remember Heath: so vibrantly alive. He's obviously uncomfortable and nervous being interviewed, really fidgety, but look how he laughs and brightens when speaking of his daughter. It touches my heart. The "Oh my God!" when Ellen pulls out the outfit just makes me smile, and happy. Plus, we get to hear that beautiful Australian lilt that was so often buried under an array of accents.

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And the second one is of Heath and Jake Gyllenhaal at the SAG Awards, presenting Brokeback Mountain. Obviously he's scared and giddy, and his laughing just makes me smile.

I think, to honor Heath, we should remember his work, and his life. Over the next few weeks, all sorts of "Breaking News" stories about his "heroin addiction" and "secret life." What good does this do? Let's have a little respect for the dead. He wasn't, and isn't, a tabloid story or cover. He should be remembered as a man, not as toxicology reports or a body being wheeled out from his apartment in a flash of paparazzi bulbs. As a human being who loved his daughter so fiercely, loved and craved privacy, and really had no interest in being in the public eye.

“I fall deeper and deeper in love with both my girls.”

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I'm so sick of the entertainment shows saying in their pompous voices,"Did Heath Ledger have a drug problem? STAY TUNED!" Why does death cause this? Why is it any of our business? It's not. Why can't they just realize that a death is a death, even though Heath was an actor. Can you imagine if a regular person (as in, not famous) died and a newspaper or something started these horrible rumors? Yet because he "asked for it," it's okay. It's not. This will never be okay. His family has lost their 28 year old boy. Leave them alone. How dare they swarm them at the airport as they get off the plane to attend a memorial service for their son, their brother? How dare they?

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Rest in peace just doesn't seem enough.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This is just horrible.

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How can he really be dead? He was so young... and gorgeous. I mean, dead? Whoa.

Rest in peace, Heath. It's so sad that your daughter will never know you.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


This post is a recap of last week's Project Runway, and discussion of my favorite designers, and a mini-ode to perhaps the fiercest of the fierce, MR. CHRISTIAN.

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Christian makes this shows 35 times more fun to watch. What with quotes like, "Team Star is like hot, like star, like celebrity," and finding a way to fit "faaaabulous" into every sentence, he is just so over-the-top and wonderfully gay that it makes my brain hurt. It's like my brain can not process how fabulous he is.

That said, he's not my favorite, design-wise, but I he's the sort of person you would kill (or perhaps strangle someone with a yard of silk organza) to have dinner with. He's brilliant, and the show will lose half the appeal (ok, maybe not quite half) if Christian is ever eliminated. Here's hoping Christian never (at least until the final episode) has to hear that chilling "Auf Wiedersehen."

On to last week's recap:

One: I was really sad to see Kit go. She was fierce. Yes, FIERCE. The gold sequin beret she wore in one episode has become permanently cemented in my brain. I liked her designs, too, as they were normally a bit quirky and funky.

For example, how many designers put their model down the runway with a mini mohawk?

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But, I must say, her dress this week was disappointing.

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When she first got the idea of "nesting", I pictured this really crazy, frothy mossy green gown with sticks incorporated into it, one shouldered, with a crafted nest on the shoulder. Odd, I know, but I have odd vision. Instead she gave us a creamsicle-hued, tiered, Laura-Ingalls creation with a bundle of ribbons in the background that was supposed the encompass the whole concept of nesting. It just didn't make sense. Sorry, Kit.

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THIS DRESS WAS INCREDIBLE. It just blew Rami and Kit so far out of the water. This is what avant-garde (on a 500 dollar budget, at least,) looks like. I'm so glad Chris is back. He's funny.

Victorya and Jillian:

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Nuff said.

Oh, and Rami bored me. Ohh, chiffon draping. Just like every other week.

But Sweet P's dress was adorable. She really shines at making cute little dresses that would be really successful commercially.

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I waaaaant it.

As for my favorite designers, I'm going to have to go with Jillian and Victorya. Not only is Jillian's style similar to mine (a week after buying a pair of vintage rainbow suspenders in New York City, what do I see adorning Jillian's black tee and jeans ensemble but a pair of rainbow suspenders?), I like her designs. Especially when she was team leader for the outdated fads challenge.

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I really love the wide-leg overalls.

And she was the only person to actually use candy for the Hershey's challenge, and her outfit came out looking cute and flapper-esque. She should've won, just because she used edibles, and it came out looking great.

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And I like Victorya's designs, as well, though her attitude can be really irritating. I loved this dress:

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Very ice princess.

I think Rami might go next. He's kind of boring me.

Who's your favorite? And if you don't watch, YOU SHOULD BE!


Saturday, January 19, 2008

And just when I think our nation's moving forward...

On this extremely well-worded, sensible, inspiring video posted by Barack Obama on youtube...

Some sad, ignorant person actually posted this comment:

(I hate to even put this on here, it really upset me)

"Do you really want a Black President for the United States? Wake up people.Vote for Jackie Chan or Jet Li or something.Do not vote for a ____ man please. The White House needs to remain White. "

Why are people still like this? What is wrong with people that they still think they are better than someone because their skin is white??????? Neither race nor gender should come into play when choosing our next president, but instead who the best candidate for our nation is. I thought the 60's were a huge breakthrough in abolishing racism, but no, sadly, it's still alive and kicking is some poorly educated individuals.

I recently read an extremely interesting article about Senator Obama in Newsweek, and I read the ENTIRE thing, which is really saying something, because normally Newsweek articles are so long I stop a page in. He seemed so honest and trustworthy.

Obama '08, y'all!

My parents took me to a Clinton rally when I was 3. I haven't stopped loving politics ever since.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Bitch Of Living

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I'm recently become pretty obsessed (though that's a term that's used pretty broadly, isn't it?) with the musical Spring Awakening. Here's the story line: Teenagers is a small town are not being giving the information they need about sex and such by their parents, so they kind of go crazy and rebel and have sex. And 2 of the 3 main characters die. But in the end they are hopeful so it's ok. As insightful as that summary once, I suggest you read the one on wikipedia. As hard as it might be to believe, the one is a bit more thorough. This might sound like an average tale of teenage rebellion, but this tale takes places in 1800s Germany. And, with slighty "risque" subject material and song titles such as "The Bitch Of Living" and "Totally Fucked," this isn't your average musical.

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Performing "Totally Fucked" on the Tony telecast. They covered their mouths on "fucked" to show the censorship. I don't know, it was pretty cool, it made me feel like going, "Yeaaaaah, stick it to the man!" Woooo. Why are italics so odd to write in??

Unfortunately, I did not see this musical on my trip to New York (I saw Phantom, an old but rightly-named classic). Because, let's face it, NO WAY was I seeing it with my parents. I mean, they show the very beginning of sex on stage. Not awkward at all.

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Oh look! There they go! On a swing and everything.

Spring Awakening won the Tony for best musical, most likely blowing the competition out of the water. Mary Poppins? Are you serious? Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious vs songs about teacher fantisies? Puh-lease. SEX SELLS. The cast is all really young, with the only people over the age of... proably about 25 are the two adults who play all the adult characters.

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You might recognize them from this Gap ad. Spring Awakening + bright sweaters and scarfs= TOTALLY... AWESOME.

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The cutie on the left is Jonathan Groff. Not only does he have a very nice voice, but I find it insanely awesome that his hometown is extremely close to mine. (Not that I'm going to tell you how close. I mean, I like to at least feign SOME sort of mystery). I honestly find this really, really cool, and I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's because this area isn't exactly culture-rich, and to have someone from around here make it that big is pretty inspiring. Plus, my band competes against his alma mater in marching band competitions. I just think, "Whoa. He's from like...... around here!" Ok. I'll stop.

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I've been watching lots of videos on Youtube recorded by wimply wonderful people who responded to their call of duty, and realized that illegaly recording performances for us fans is more important than breaking the law! They deserve Purple Hearts, all of 'em!

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Look, I even took a picture of the THEATER as we were walking down Broadway. It was just there, like a wonderful, wonderful beacon shining from the concrete.

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I'll post the music video they made for The Bitch of Living. If you like it, you can look for more videos, or just ask me. I don't want to gunk up my clean and pristine blog with lots of videos.

Those costumes are so incredibly badass, it hurts just to look.

As for songs to download, I suggest:
"The Bitch of Living" [obviously]
"Mama Who Bore Me"
"Left Behind" [because Jonathan Groff's voice is sooo sweet]
and but of course, "Totally Fucked" [because it's really fun to sing along at the top of your lungs when no one else is home. Try it. it's very therapeutic.

Oh, wait, one more video. I think this one shows how down to earth the actors are, and how they really care about the fans. I favorited it. I don't know. I'm jsut weird like that. Basically, this girl saw the musical, and her friend really wanted to go, but couldn't. So after the show, the girl who COULD go (Are you with me? Are you with me?) went to the stagedoor, and the brillant John Gallagher (who has since left :[) recorded this adorable little message for the friend. Let the gunking commence.


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Ooh, may I suggest The Postmarks? This CD is a perfect rainy-day, read a book album. Sleepy and a bit sad, but with a soft sort of sparkle. Bueno....


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Dear Emo/Scene Kids:

This is a letter to all of you out there, and I know there are many. This is not going to be respectful, or kind, because I really don't like you. Ahh, yes, I know. Another person who, "Just doesn't understand you," right?

Though I must say, you make me laugh. You bash conformity, and say how everyone--except you, of course-- is just part of the capitalist machine of the United States. But what's really funny is that you have not a shred of originality in your scrawny little, I'm-a-vegetarian-so-I'm-better-than-you body. Your hair is black, probably. Side bangs perennially over one eye, am I correct? All you guys wear black nail polish and eye liner to set yourself apart, to show how "different" you are. All you girls: it might be very long and straight, with some odd sort of gunshot wound resemblance at the top of your head. Whoa, you are so cool. Your hair is the sex. I believe that is what you call it. The sex? We are not worthy. I bet I can describe 99% of your wardrobe in a few simple words: a lot of jeans. You guys wear girls' jeans as a big middle finger to "conventional fashion." Yes, you really are protesting our grossly commercial society, buying those jeans at American Eagle. I applaud you. Hoodies. Now, we all have hoodies, but you're emo, so yours is probably from Hot Topic. Band tees. Again, many people have band tees. Just not all have 3 Hawthorne Heights, 2 Hellogoodbye, and 3 someothershittyband.

Ah, yes, music. The root of all that is emo. You worship screamo frontman with whiny voices. I bet you would love to meet Craig Owens, wouldn't you? His lyrics are, like, so deep. Did Craig Owens look deep into your soul and transfer into song? Incredible. Wow. Wow. All of you like the same bands. Everyone's going to think I'm a fierce hypocrite, and perhaps I am...but you think that you listen to the best music on earth. Period. You condemn the music taste of those who would rather listen to a gentle plucking of an acoustic guitar and a quirky voice than the gutteral screeches of Mr. Screamoman. Music is your life, isn't it? That's what it says in your "About Me", at least. You also list every single band you might've liked one song from in your music section, just to show how "awesome" your music taste is. Some really emo kids even list bands they HAVEN'T listened to, but their friends tell them are "like, sweet." Those bands "pwn", dare I say. YOU. LOVE. MUSIC. Nothing like ear-pounding guitars and riotous drums to really bring out the real meaning of music: expression of emotion. The Beatles bore you, and who's Bob Dylan? Oh, right. That old guy your parents listen to. Whatever, he's so totally lame. You refuse to listen to music outside of your scene. I bet that if I played you some classical, perhaps a little Gershwin or Bach, you would roll your eyes and say that "that classical shit" is so boring. God forbid you should appreciate the incredible, incredible beauty of pure instrumentation.

You have more myspace friends then real friends. Your screen name is probably something like XxibleedforyouxX, or perhaps XxbrokenxheartsxparadeXX. Myspace name? Hello Amy Apocalypse, have you met Tiffany [TERROR]? I'm sure you'll get along just swimmingly.

All the girls want to "bang" Taking Back Sunday's Adam Lazzarra, while all you guys came alive the day you first heard Hayley Williams (of Paramore)'s voice. Don't get me wrong, I like Paramore, though I know they are kind of unoriginal. I sort of file them under "Guilty Pleasures". And Hayley Williams' voice IS pretty fierce. But I digress.

You bash Bush without a thought. Now, I also really DO NOT LIKE HIM. AT ALL. I count down the days until he is out of office. But name one specific thing that he did to screw up. Oh, you can't? Exactly. You know nothing about the politics you bash. You just bash Bush because it's the cool thing to do, right? You're so rebellious. Shall I bow?

I leave you with a quote from yourscenesucks:
"wouldn't it be more of an act of rebellion if you didn't spend so much time buying blue hair dye and going out to get punky clothes? it seems so petty. stop me if I'm being offensive. you wanna be an individual, right? you look like you're wearing a uniform. you look like a punk. that's not rebellion. that's fashion."


I'll leave you to your poetry filled with mundane words and thoughts.
Stay golden!

Now, dear readers:
I am not normally a spiteful person. I can respect people's differences, different music tastes, whatever. But I just can not stand emo kids. I was so sick of their condescending looks and attitudes toward those who do not fit their perfectly shaped mold. I just really, really, hate emo and scene kids. They make me want to scream and stomp and flush their hair dye down the drain. Am I the only one?

On an entirely different topic. I want to see Juno with a desire bordering on desperation. The soundtrack is totally kick-ass, and the movie looks refreshing. Considering I live in farm country, we are not getting the movie in our local theaters until this Friday.

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Here, read some ee cummings

love is a place
& through this place
of love move
(with brightness of peace)all places

yes is a world
& in this world of
yes live
(skilfully curled)
all worlds

oooga booga boo!