Wednesday, August 13, 2008


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I'd like to thank Mrs. Phelps for the service she did the world by putting her son in a pool. Hot damn.


The Olympics get me all patriotic and intense. I honestly start shaking before each of Phelpsy's races. Did you SEE THAT RELAY?????????

Even better than said relay was seeing Michael Phelps go apeshit, specifically seeing each and every muscle in his arms.

I'm normally not like this, I swear.

School starts in two weeks. In odd haze of AP work, volleyball, band camp, intensive TV-watching, and hot swimmers.



sophia said...

I so completely agree with you about the sexiness of Olympic swimmers.....we have the male diving competition on right now which is actually better than swimming because the guys are still sexily muscled but they are in smaller bathing suits :)

jayne said...

I'm am totally in love/obessed with him too! i mean i dunno if i'd even find him conventionally attractive in reality, but its mostly what this guy can do! WOW! he's always so far ahead of everyone that its almost a joke that the other swimmers are still even trying to keep up haha. although i always find it amusing/odd that he always looks super pissed off before races haha

Maggie said...

Oh yeah. I totally agree. He's some hot stuff. ESPECIALLY after that relay. Hot damn with the rippled muscles and veins. I don't know what it is about him, because I'm not normally like this, either.

Sister Libby said...

Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum.
I love this post.
Ugg...He's quite delicous. I'm not like "this" either...usually. I like jocks.

jess said...

He's a a great swimmer.My 6th grade social studies teacher had a major crush on him it was quite amusing

Fiendish said...

Every time I come back to this blog, I like it more.

I can assure you that the Phelps love isn't just a patriotic thing. I'm Irish. And I hate sport. And I can't actually swim. And I've never watched an Olympics before in my life.

But my God, I love that guy. He's just so cute. He's terribly terribly cute. I find him endearing in interviews even. I think I would root for him above the Irish competitor, if such a competitor existed.

I also disagree with people who think he's bad for swimming as a sport: he's like the swimming equivalent of Tiger Woods or Roger Federer, who both did awesome things for their sports. The guy is a hero.

jayne said...

idk the survey that i jacked didn't come with z either haha, and yes i'm in love w/ artichoke dip! my dad makes an amazing verison that isn't spinach based, but then again the one with spinach rocks too, b/c hello, artichoke is in it! what would be even better than artichoke dip? jake gyllenhaal making it for me, yummm haha ;) oh i see you're reading twilight?