Tuesday, August 5, 2008

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NOT the type of mole removed from my face. That might be a little uncomfortable.

I got a mole on my face removed today. Not for vanity purposes; I loved my mole. It was kind of annoying when people when reach up and try to pick it off, informing me that I have "something on your face," to which I would respond that no, it's not chocolate, or dirt, or pen, and no, it's not coming off. But still. I liked my mole. I left band camp early today for "surgery" (as I enjoyed putting it), and when I returned, many people went, "Anna, what happened to your FACE?" and I would reply, "I got a mole removed," and a SECOND after I replied that, I realized that I just missed the PERFECT opportunity to use that amazing line from Rushmore that I've been looking for the opportunity to use in real life. Peter: "What happened to your face?" Max: "I got punched in the face. [turns to Rosemarie] What's his excuse?" I constantly think of good things to say five seconds after I say something lame. But anyway, now I have a huge bandaid on my face, and I have yet to see the stitches, but the numbness was extremely weird. It was like, "I KNOW this woman is carving my face up, HOW CAN I NOT FEEL IT???" And when I tried to smile later, I looked like I had Bells Palsy. It's been six hours, and the area is still numb. It's the creepiest thing in the world.

But on to my real reason for posting. I love Say Anything. I love Max Bemis. I'll talk more about that in another post. But when I came across a post on their website, I realized just how awesome he really is. Max is offering the chance for fans to email him a few paragraphs about a problem in their life, or something they've gone through, or just a topic they feel needs to be written about, and he will write a SONG JUST FOR THEM. A SONG. WRITTEN ESPECIALLY FOR YOU. BY MAX BEMIS. Here's where Max Bemis' genius comes into full view. He knows that we all download his music for free. But to get a song written just for you... well, you CAN'T get that on any website. The website says they're not accepting any new emails because requests are getting sent in faster than Max can write songs, but they'll open it up again later. So WHY have I not jumped on this chance of a lifetime?

Umm.... anybody have one hundred fifty bucks?

The thought of having my own Say Anything song literally gets me all excited in my stomach, because I'm easily excitable (that sounds dirty), but I simply don't have $150. I KNOW they can't give away songs for free, the amount of emails would be riDICulous, and they have to make money somehow. It's times like these I wish my last name was Gates. Or Winfrey. I once read somewhere that Jolie-Pitt is the best last name for getting into restaurants aside from, say... Winfrey-Christ. Ha. HA.

Here's the video Max posted is a "haze of sleeping medication." So he's not drunk.

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jayne said...

haha that rushmore line would've been great! what you said about missing hilarious comebacks reminds me of another movie line in you've got mail when meg ryan laments her inability to come up with the perfect insult at the time she needs it haha